Bio-cool Systems (BCS) is a New Zealand based company that specialises in technology
for fungal, bacterial and ethylene control in fruit and produce storage facilities.

The BCS product is a stand alone device operating totally independently providing
operators a simple cost effective solution. These devices can be moved from room to
room as and when required.


  • Manufactured in New Zealand
  • 24 hour ozone control & display
  • Fully automated atmosphere
  • Optional real time data logging
  • Variable operational settings
  • Micro processor controlled
  • Simple plug in play operation
  • Single phase power point
  • US Organic certification


  • Removes Ethylene
  • Coolstore disinfection
  • Controls fungus, bacteria, spores
  • Leaves no residue
  • Totally mobile by a single person
  • Increases storage life of produce
  • Reduces Fruit loss during storage
  • Prevents Quality failures at outturn
  • Very cost effective