How It Works

How the Bio-cool Coolstore Unit Works

The BCS system has been designed for simplicity with fully automated processes delivering controlled ozone doses into the rooms airflow. This process utilises the existing airflow system within the Coolstore to maximise complete mixing and accurate control.

Ozone attacks ethylene as it is being produced removing the triggering process for fruit and produce while high performance fungal and bacterial control


Height 480mm x Width 330mm x

Depth 300mm. Weight 11.3 Kilograms

24 Hour Ozone Level Control and Display

An integral part of the Bio-cool unit is the 24 hour time clock/controller panel. A manual and initial operational training is provided to explain how to use the Ozone time clock/controller and change its settings.

The two operational setting can be programmed to perform at different times of the day to work in with coolstore production hours. Ozone levels are displayed at 3 minute intervals to confirm.